Most famous articles were my advice debunking. And initially I thought that noone believes them, but after reading your amazing response, I was awed. Overwhemlmed.

This is week 2.

Blinkist + Medium = the new learning framework. — If you want to learn something new. This is framework I use everyday to get pretty deep information about mostly any topic.

Apple and Social media. — Apple does not use social media. It’s intresting.

Why study History? — After one of my popular essay on why study Philosophy. This is about why you should study History. I have been reading on History and it’s damn unique experience.

Here are some advices that you should not listen to,

  1. Follow your Passion

2. “Ignore Your Weaknesses, and Focus on your Strengths.”

So whats a right approach towards advices you get in life by parents or from internet?

Read this — The Real Advice.

Travel like a Human Being. — Don’t waste your travelling experience just to impress others.

Thank you for all love and replies you have given. I won’t forget it ever!

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Lifelong Learner. To live a conscious life and understanding this beautiful world. India.

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