Use smartphone as a tool

Most people use smartphone to consume, like watching a movie or playing games.

But I want to argue you should use it as a tool.

This is how actually Steve Jobs envisioned when he first launched iPhone. A sophisticated device made to enhance your current life. Not to take over it.

Another reason is this, we can't win the battle by our mere will power. You have to subtract those Internet services that monetise your attention. (Twitter, Instagram, Buzzfeed).

And include more apps that helps you achieve a aim in your life. (Kindle App, Pocket App, KineMaster). Adding value to your existing life.

This means using your phone as means to another end, not as end in itself.

The thing about whiteboards is this, they have zero commitment (unlike notebook), more working area than an iPad, and all this helping you minimize your screen time.

Before getting the idea to make explained videos with whiteboard (first video out by the way) I used to do personal brainstorming sessions.

The blog isn’t about writing clever posts or writing clickbaity titles to earn ad revenues.

You should be documenting what you are doing and what you are working.

Do something interesting and write about it on your blog.

Interesting activity can be anything, that you love

Like I am writing about the progress of my course.

Blog to document

What happens when you blog?

They are more connected to your story and to yourself

You just don’t have a big body of work as a result of your project. But something in between too. Like moments and hard lessons, you learned along the way.

Originally published at on April 6, 2021.

Chetneet Chouhan

Lifelong Learner. To live a conscious life and understanding this beautiful world. India.

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