Timeless Classic Still Worth Reading?

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Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: HELL YEAH!

One of the great things I learned from this book is to criticize the work. Not the person. And do it all in private.

Criticize in Private, Praise in Public.

What usually happens is you criticize someone, and now you have hurt that, and he dislikes you. His ego is now damaged, and I don’t think if he will make any improvement. Hence defeating the purpose of criticizing in the first place.

That’s why some people don’t even want to tell the truth. So that other person does not feel hurt.

But on the other hand, if it is done correctly (by criticizing the work not person) and in private when no one is around, you make him/her feel protected. The person feels tremendously secure, and now one thought you had criticized him, he now likes you even more.

Book has timeless communication principles that are worth reading and referring from time to time. I will give it more details on my blog.

Thank you for reading.

Lifelong Learner. To live a conscious life and understanding this beautiful world. chetneetchouhan.com India.

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