Why your social life sucks?

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Someone asked in Social Skills subreddit about his social life and it is now not what it is used to be. Here was my answer, I had gone through it too.

My answer.

Anyway, what I did is started reading books, which lead to me writing each day. And started a youtube channel.

The point being, I did my own shit. Completely unaffected by other people.

Remember: If you are not happy alone, then you won’t be happy with friends.

That’s why (for example) if you don’t have a girlfriend now and think if you get a girlfriend you will be happy. No, that won’t happen. You will be unhappy with a girlfriend.

Also, what you are experience is what I have experienced just right after my school (currently in college), I had zero friends. I was feeling extremely low due to this. No text messages, no contact with the outside world. Just me and college studies.

Then I started to work on hobbies, doing my own shit. That’s why it's important to be too busy to think about other people who think that you are optional. (Don’t make someone your priority if you are their just an option).

In more depth: So in psychology, humans are programmed to think about their social status when they are free. So if you are not working on your shit, then you are thinking about other people.

Thanks (or no thanks) to social media, whenever you get free time, social media provides you will two things, something to do with + knowing your social status.

Now, whenever we get time, it is now an unconscious behavior, we take out our smartphone and boom! Let’s get jealous of those 400 people that I follow on Instagram.

We did not sign in to social media service to be insecure about our lives.

I firmly believe that, and both (social media and porn) sucks.

So the biggest key takeaway is this, be completely unaffected by your friends. If you think you should go to a movie, don’t wait for a friend to come along (if they do that’s great but if not, then you are going alone).

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Lifelong Learner. To live a conscious life and understanding this beautiful world. chetneetchouhan.com India.

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